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    Meetwo in the news

    MakeUseOf - 03/06/2018

    Most online dating apps like Tinder are a bit superficial in how you match with someone. If you want a different experience from swiping right, try these new dating apps.


    Meetwo is a dating app built by psychologists who want to help you match with someone based on a quick personality test.

    GlobalDatingInsights - 02/16/2018

    Meetwo is a freshly launched dating app that “celebrates your singularity”. Available on Android and soon to be released on iOS, the platform features a quiz on each profile that other users have to pass when they ‘flip right’.


    GDI caught up with CEO and Vision Driver Sebastien Koubar to hear about the development of the app, and some of the hurdles entrepreneurs currently face.


  • Behind the Scenes of the Hottest Startup Logos


    We’re always being told the myths behind the world’s most iconic logos. How Nike Got Its Swoosh (for just $35) is pretty much a design fairy tale. But we rarely hear about logos from new companies who aren’t yet living legends. We’ve spoken to some awesome new startups about their logos to give them the chance to share their stories…


    Twine - 03/20/2017

    What Is It About True Love That Dating Apps Can’t Get Quite Right?


    Like many recent tech innovations, including Uber, Facebook and Mint, dating apps use algorithms to make life easier—in this case navigating the dating minefield to reach your soulmate. So why is it so much harder to design an algorithm to help you find love than one to find you a ride? The short answer: chemistry.


    Syracuse University - 02/08/2017

    'Meetwo' Changes the Way People Date Online by Using Chemistry


    It can be difficult to date online because you never know if there's going to be actual chemistry between you and a prospective date, so 'Meetwo' aims to change this. Instead of relying on algorithms, 'Meetwo' utilizes the notions of social and romantic chemistry in order to match people.


    TrendHunter - 11/24/2016

    Meetwo The Dating App Based On Chemistry


    You may heard that most of the best relationships are based on good chemistry, but how on earth would you know if you and the person you are dating have this “Good Chemistry” well, you might want to put it down to chance, or you could do it the modern way with an app!


    Techmash - 11/22/2016

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