• How Does Meetwo Work?

    Meetwo is a dating and social app promoting individuality, respect and empowerment. We use chemistry and fun to provide opportunities for you to make real connections by showing the genuine you.

    And that’s basically what makes Meetwo so addictive.

  • 10 Questions Personality Test on Meetwo, the perfect dating app

    It all starts with a little game

    Create your personality test by answering 10 YES or NO exciting questions. Sounds a good way to know more about yourself 🎭?



  • The Chemistry Finder, or home screen, of Meetwo, the free dating app available on Android and iOS

    The Chemistry Finder is here to help

    Discover quality people around you. Just swipe left any profile you like to take its test or swipe right if you are not interested 😍.

  • The Personality Test of someone else on Meetwo, a free dating app for casual dating, serious dating or friendships

    But do you have what it takes to win?

    If you are interested in someone, you have to pass their test. To succeed? One single rule: answer the same way they did ⚠️!

  • The Chemistry step, where you passed the test, on Meetwo

    Of course, you do

    And that's how we create chemistry. When you are compatible with someone, a chat request is sent. The rest is up to you... 🎉

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