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Why Dating Apps Should Start Considering People’s Emotions​

Dating apps have become increasingly popular over the past several years but it’s worth noting that the meteoric rise of Tinder, Hinge, and other like-minded apps can be attributed to vanity and egoism as opposed to real emotions and true romance.

This is because many of these apps have turned into platforms for quick hookups and flirtatious nonsense as the primary goal of most users is to score a quick ego boost by getting as many matches as possible.

As a result, many love-seekers are left feeling unfulfilled and discouraged by the general lack of emotion and passion within the process.

An Emotional Connection Is Key 

Of course, finding a good-looking match will bring about feelings of excitement and happiness but this emotional high will quickly fade once you realize that your counterpart is only interested in hooking up or partying.

This frequent occurrence stems from the insincere and shallow nature of most dating apps, which tend to place aesthetic appeal on a pedestal far above the essence of love.

The only way to break this mold is to stop relying on complex computer algorithms and instead focus on real emotions and real chemistry between real people. And that's exactly how Meetwo works. After all, many people believe that the unspoken emotional connection between two people is far more impactful than a superficial visual attraction.

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