It has been one year since we decided to go on our Meetwo adventure, and yet, we are not live. So it is natural to ask: where are we at?

As some of you may know, developing an app is a difficult and full of surprises thing. You plan to take 20 hours to create a chat system and instead, it takes 40. And that actually is what happening for every single one of our functionnalities, that's without taking into account our decision to change the whole design and user flow half way through development. BUT, don't worry, little by little, we can see the end of it.

For the last few months, more and more people are waiting and are wondering about Meetwo's launch (thank you so so much BTW). We believe that we owe you a status update.

First things first, the Android version is ready. You can even find it on the Play Store, but unreleased (

So go grab it and let us know your precious feedback :)

Meetwo's Android developer at work

Meet Anand, our Android magician doing some final touches.

What about iOS?

Developing for iPhone is another pair of shoes (and a pain in the neck). And honestly, we are a bit late on iOS. The app and its core features are done but a few bugs are poping-up here and there and we need to address them all.

So when are we launching?

Our goal date is just after New Year's Eve. So basically, a little over a month. I ask you to bear with us a little longer and I can assure you that we are on the edge of launching a beautiful and great dating app!

Chemistrically yours,

The Meetwo team

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