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The Ten Biggest Problems with Dating

Dating can be a trial for a variety of reasons. If you carefully review the following ten difficulties of dating, you can set your sights on building a better relationship and a more positive perspective.

  • People view marriage negatively. That is because people need a compelling reason to get married. So, you need to have mentor who is married to help you understand that dating has its rewards.
  • People try to replicate the relationships seen on TV. Don’t compare your dating relationships to “reality” TV.
  • Dating is expensive. You can overcome this problem with an agreed cap on spending for the first several dates.
  • Dating is time-consuming. You can pare down the time significantly, especially for a first meet-up.
  • There are too many fish in the sea. You may find that you have too many choices when it comes to meeting someone. Try to limit your selection in order to make this happen.
  • You view the opposite sex through negative stereotypes. Don’t view men as pigs or women as crazy. Don’t allow negative asides to change your mind about love.
  • Matchmakers do not create real solutions. You have to do more than talk about a solution for meeting someone. Do your due diligence before contacting a dating service.
  • It can be hard to date long-distance. You can overcome this dilemma by creating goals that you can both realize.
  • Money can be a sore point. Get to know the money personality of the other party to better understand how to plan your finances.
  • Communication is poor. Any doomed relationship features four communication glitches – criticism, contempt, stonewalling, and defensiveness. Never use any of these methods to settle a conflict.
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