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The Story Behind Meetwo

The time have come to tell you the (true) story of Meetwo.

It's the story of Sebastien (me), co-founder of one of the most visited website on Earth (Heroquizz - a personality test Facebook app - rank 700 on Alexa) and Adam, his friend and partner.

Adam is a serial dater, he used a bunch of dating apps. He spent more time swiping right and left than any other dude on the surface of the planet. Until one day, he realized something... He's getting bored. Same algorithms, same conversations again and again and less enthusiasm when meeting new people.

So he expressed his frustration to Sebastien (hoping that a personality test app owner - somehow psychologist would help) and the reply was...

"Hmm! I see Adam. Do you think that your boredom is caused by lack of challenge?"

"Probably; because it's not fun anymore. And even after I meet a date, it's hard to notice any kind of chemistry between us..."

One thing led to another, they decided to create, Meetwo, the most challenging & epic dating app!

Chemistrically yours,

The Meetwo team

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