Nothing more to say about our trip to Lisbon, and especially to the Web Summit 2016. We met hundreds of people and got feedback from all kinds of professionals (entrepreneurs, investors, and media) but also students and regular visitors. But most importantly, we created real connections with people and that, has no price.

So many people were coming to our booth, curious and interested, to know more about our innovative app. It's was so exciting to explain the idea and to confront it with them. People smilling, being wowed and telling you that's the app they need is soooo rewarding. Truly.

Valuable feedback are very important to us. It helps us to create a better and greater product. We really can't wait to put our dating app between your hands.

But we're talking too much. It's Photos time now!

Sebastien Koubar and Abdallah El Amine are the founders of Meetwo, the dating app based on chemistry, at the Web Summit 2016

Sebastien and Adam, co-founders of Meetwo

Sebastien had a one-minute pitch of Meetwo on the EDP rotating carousel

Sebastien had a one-minute pitch on the rotating carousel

Sebastien and Abdallah interviewed by Radio Commecial about Meetwo on the Web Summit 2016

But also a live interview on Radio Comercial with Adam

Sebastien presenting the Meetwo dating app at the Web Summit 2016 to four women to have feedback

On the field, presenting Meetwo's idea. A special thanks to those women.

Sebastien and Abdallah at Meetwo's stand presenting the idea to visitors at the Web Summit 2016

And here comes the booth

But Lisbon isn't just about Web Summit. It's also a great city.

Meetwo at Lisbon by night

They call it "The Cereal Bar"

Meetwo at Lisbon by night
Meetwo at Lisbon by night
Meetwo at Lisbon by night
The co-founders leaving the Web Summit 2016 after a tough but good day

Leaving the Web Summit after a tough but rewarding day

Chemistrically yours,

The Meetwo team

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