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App Testing Has Started 🚀

Hey there!

It has been quite an exciting year since we started developing our dating app Meetwo. And now comes the most epic time for an app: LAUNCHING!

We will roll out the Beta this week to our Beta Waiting list and work closely with everyone to get their valuable feedback. If you're interested of being part of the most perfect and human dating experience, just shoot us an email at telling us your device model (iOS, Android or both).

👇 📽 Watch our Meetwo Trailer to know what our app is all about! 📽 👇

Then, in a few weeks, will come the official and worldwide launch on App Store and Play Store 🚀!

P.S: On a more personal note, I really can't wait to put Meetwo into your hands. You’ll be among the first in the world to try out a totally new and addictive way to connect with people nearby.

We are so proud of Meetwo and I'm sure you'll love it 😍.

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